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The Bugle: Audio Newspaper for a Visual World
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Welcome to the official message board for all loyal Bugle fans!

If you think the Bugle has gone downhill since Andy delivered his second child or that you'd like to hone your death threat to John as you suspect he's the real reason for the end of Hotties From History then worry no more. You can join in the discussions with our loyal listener messageboard.

Here is where you can post Hotties from History nominations, placement-orders for Hugo Chavez-O-Grams, leads to finding Andy's bin, Delonte West quotes, song remixes, episode requests or any other random shit in relation to The Bugle.

Every Monday morning (or when I wake up) there is an Episode Thread for you all to comment on the latest episode as you listen. Please, and I mean this sincerely, feel free to post any random squees you want to get out of your system. This is a fan site, after all.

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