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Andy at the Adelaide Test Match!

Cross-posted to zaltzfans--

Just in case anyone missed Andy's Tweets (@hellobuglers), The Bugle is sponsoring TestMatchSofa.com's day 4 coverage of Adelaide Test match (starts midnight Sunday-Monday, UK time) and Andy will be one of the commentators. Tune in/get more info from the website.

Episode 135: Kim Jon Il-Conceived

North Korea, the Irish economy and Silvio Berlusconi's statue wang.

You've got to love Berlusconi news, especially stupid news like this. XD

Have a good week, everyone! =D

Your cut out and keep guide to the most important and exciting wedding ever!

Apologies for no threat for episode 133 - by the time the podcast appeared to be working it seemed a bit too late to post it.

But hooray for a working Bugle! And hooray for their bullshit reaction to the story that has dominated the fucking news all week. (Except I will get the day off! There is finally a plus to being a civil servant!)

Have a good week everyone. =)


If you haven't read Andy's tweets yet, he says there's no Bugle this week due to scheduling issues. Evidence:

@hellobuglers: FACT ALERT: No real Bugle again this week, due to last-minute scheduling difficulties. Many apologies. But instead, a special treat...

@hellobuglers: ... depending on what your view of treats is. Something from deep in the Oliver-Zaltzman archives. Should be downloadable on Saturday. AZ

I'm looking forward to that treat! =D

In the meantime, I thought I'd mention that Andy's very lovely and very funny sister Helen has a book out with her own comedy life partner Olly Mann. It's based on their great podcast Answer Me This! which is where they try their best to answer their listeners' questions with hilarious results. (They even have their own Tom/Chris! Helen's fiancé Martin the Sound Man). If I can't convince you to get this excellent tome to go alongside Andy's (you clearly don't need any other books), I'll let them pimp it for themselves:

Episode 132 and a Bit - Cut for a Reason

Well, some of it's funny.

Some recent decent moments from Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver

Ack, sorry for no posting! The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear coverage and Halloween has kept me busy all weekend. But needless to say I was listening to this amongst the fabulousness.

Got to say, I love any extra bits from the drunken episode. =D

Chris Addison being lovely.


This'll sound unbearably smug, but I knew you'd all appreciate it. Chris Addison (who, for the unitiated, worked on The Department with Andy and John and still works with Andy on 7 Day Sunday every week), is on tour, and I've just got back from a night in the pub with him! He's friends with Ian Martin, one of the writers of The Thick Of It, as am I (although from just Twitter and proximity rather than anything glamorous!), and Ian invited me and a whole bunch of others to the pub after the show in Lancaster. Glorious!

Once I had the nerve to speak and my hands had stopped shaking (CHRIS ADDISON!), we had a little chat about the Bugle - I asked if he'd ever consider guesting on it. He said it wasn't likely ("They don't really 'guest' on the Bugle, do they?"), but we had a lovely Andy-appreciation session; apparently Andy is surprisingly straight-laced, very serious, and ridiculously clever. He's always on the move, always writing. Chris says that Andy's sport section in 7 Day Sunday is the personal highlight of the show for him (I may have chosen that moment to go, "Whaaaaaat a week it's been in sport!"), and that the Bugle has him "screaming with laughter".

Not much, really, but yay for Andy and Chris Addison and being brilliant! (He showed me the picture of the banana that Andy drew on, on his iphone, but I think that's already been linked here.)

Just thought people would be interested. (And it gives me a chance to show off!)

Episode 132: Massive Cuts

(With thanks to b3ta.com for the picture.)

Andy and John analyse the massive ConDem cuts from earlier this week

It's finally up! After taunting us for two fucking days! If you searched 'the bugle' on Twitter during this time you would have read some extremely funny death threats and panicked begging. I don't know if #fuckyouchris started trending, but it should have.

Anywho! To the podcast! Comment away and enjoy my lovelies. =D

Episode 131: A Miner Celebration

John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman celebrate 3 years of audio gold as the Chilean miners resurface, a Philly protester makes wang history, and we learn the dangers of a lunchtime sherry sup.

You guys... this was a FUCKING EPIC episode of The Bugle.

Drunk Andy, Tom guest-starring and fighting with Chris, Riggle's angry voicemail, a hell of a lot of swearing, birthday celebrations, an excellent frog-brain-based email... Ye gads, it was good.

Also, if you downloaded the episode within the first few hours it went up this morning, you will have heard a FUCKTON of unbleeped swearing. I think Chris was too drunk to bleep them all, who knows?

If you would like the unbleeped copy, you can download it here but just bear in mind iTunes doesn't seem to like you having both versions of that episode, so pick which one you want and delete the other.

Enjoy, everyone. I know I did. =D

Hello Buglers!

If I had this kind of money of course I would rub it in everyone's face, but a 27 story house is just dumb.

Big Stupid Building News.

The top floor is an air traffic control tower.


Just read a new Ollie interview and he says this about our most beloved of audio institutions:

Q: Tell me about "The Bugle." Do you plan to keep doing the podcast?

A: I'll definitely do it as long as I can. It’s a weekly audio newspaper for the visual world that has been a great way for Andy Zaltzman and myself to continue working together, despite being an ocean apart. And "The Bugle" has been lucky enough to attract some of the most enthusiastic, imaginative and deeply infantile fans. We can't stop and let them all down. It's available for free on iTunes. Help yourself.

Long live the bullshit!

The full interview can be read here:


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